Opening hours

Arrivals : Between 12 AM and 2 PM by appointment
Departures : Between 10 AM and 2 PM by apppointment. Or at 6 PM by appointment

Please note that Tuesday and Thursday are our weekly closing day and therefore we do not normally accept arrival and departures on those days


30€ per day (single room occupancy)

50€ per day for two dogs of the same family sharing the same room

60€ per day for a female dog during her menstruation period

*Payment by cheques only please

The day of departure will not be charged for if your dog(s) is picked up at 10AM and this has been specified at the time of booking.


We are pleased to offer specialised health programs specifically adapted to the aptitudes and needs of your dog during their stay, the exercises can include additional walking for overweight animals to 12km runs for sporting dogs
The charge for each of these sessions of one hour duration is 20€.
These individual programs will be progressively developed and fine tuned during their stay to take account of your dogs aptitude, performance and other factors such as adverse weather conditions etc.

Important requirements :

• Vaccination certificates
• Identity card (tattoo or microchip)
• An item of clothing with your scent on it, its favorite toys and its own basket
• Your dog’s own dry food
• Grooming brushes
• Information sheet (downloadable)

All dogs entrusted to us must be free from all parasites and be up-to-date with vaccinations, including :

– Leptospirosis and kennel cough (Nobivac KC)
(Administred between two weeks and one years before their stay)

– Canine distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus
(Administred between two weeks and two years before their stay)

We would ask you to perform :

– A flea and tick treatment before arrival
– Worming treatment in under the 3 monthes prior to their arrival

We are committed to taking the utmost care of the health of all the animals entrusted to us. In order to properly fulfil this obligation we require all our dog owners to authorise our vet to take any appropriate action necessary to maintain the health of their dog, with any subsequent associated costs incurred being borne in full by the owner.
The owner must also therefore make us aware of any pre-existing health conditions or behaviour problems in advance.
Additionally, it is mandatory that if any medication for pre-existing health or other conditions is to be administered during the dog’s stay with us, it must be accompanied by a vet’s prescription.

Please note :

We cannot accept dogs that do not have the aforementioned UP-TO-DATE vaccinations.

You are respectfully requested to diligently observe punctuality in all the arranged appointments, just as you are entitled to expect a similar high degree of time management of our part.