The wellbeing of our guests has been the primary consideration in the creation of our hotel


The kennel buildings are bright, clean and well lit with a view to providing a home from home atmosphere for all our client dogs.
The efficiently insulated walls are constructed from double skinned brick with a waterproof coating.
The windows are double glazed and the floor is resin coated in order to provide for both the comfort of our dogs and to preserve the highest levels of hygiene.

We maintain a minimum temperature of 20 degrees centigrade in the buildings by means of an environmentally friendly heat exchanger which operates the underfloor heating.

We have a total of six available rooms, each of 24 square metres with a bedroom, covered terrace and gravelled courtyard.
There are several totally secure play areas surrounded by rigid panel fencing set in solid foundations.

Owners are more than welcome to bring items from home to leave with your dog(s) during their stay; such as an item of clothing with your scent on it, favourite toys or their own basket.

Please note that you will be required to bring your dog’s own dry food.

Throughout the day we endeavour to spend the maximum quality time with all our guests participating in fun and games in the play areas, walks in our 15 hectare site (bordered by fields, vineyards and forests), brushing sessions and an abundance of affection and cuddles.